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Remember that cool 50’s lamp that you bought at that French market? You just HAD to have it but once home you realised just what a death trap it really was... Well, we can help. We repair and rewire retro and antique lighting including lamps, wall lights, pendants and chandeliers to a very high standard fully compliant with the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations. All our new parts are CE certified. 

The cost to repair lamp ranges between £25 and £45 generally and it’s based upon how fiddly it is to repair your lamp and the fittings that need to be replaced. A full rewire an eight arm chandelier for example would generally range between £75 and £90. In all cases we offer free estimates by email after reviewing photos of your lamp in need. Once received and we begin repairing your light, if any additional problems are found we will consult you along the way.

Let us repair your lamp

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